At Discovery Island Learning Center, it is our passion to educate young minds and hone their skills to develop during their formative years. We make use of fun, engaging activities that promote a healthy curiosity for their environment and to foster friendship with other kids at the Center. Find out more about us...

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Discovery Island
Construction Announcement

Discovery Island is located on the “Greenway Project” pathway. The city of Jonesboro is building a 29-mile 12 foot wide pathway connecting key places in the city including parks, Turtle Creek Mall, Arkansas State University and historic downtown Jonesboro.

Beginning next week the city will remove our driveway entrances and drainage ditches, replacing them with the new sidewalk/bike path. The city has assured us that during our peak drop off and pick up times access will be available. It is possible, however, you may be asked to use different entrance or exit driveways than usual.

Building 4 driveways propose a unique challenge because there is not alternative driveways to use. If the entrance is blocked for building 4, please make your drop off or pick up through Building 3.

Most importantly we ask you to use extreme caution in the construction zones and monitor your children at all times in the parking area.

Discovery Island is sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but is happy to support the Greenway Project.
Mr. Jay



The new Square Stand Kiosk is a personal, do it your self, credit card payment kiosk located in building 4.   Simply select your tuition rate, swipe your card and sign with your finger.  Thats it.  You can also enter your email or phone number to receive a receipt via email or text message.  If you need assistance using the kiosk, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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