At Discovery Island Learning Center, it is our passion to educate young minds and hone their skills to develop during their formative years. We make use of fun, engaging activities that promote a healthy curiosity for their environment and to foster friendship with other kids at the Center. Find out more about us...


About Us

     Discovery Island Learning Center opened it’s doors in March, 1994 with Jay Morgan & Pam Jenkins as the Owners and Directors of the company.  Discovery Island’s success was almost immediate and by September of  1995 our second building was built.  With two buildings and 130 children enrolled we still needed more space and in August of 1997 the toddler building was up and running.  A second toddler building was added in 2007.
     Currently Discovery Island has over 275 children enrolled and is regarded by many as the “Best Daycare in Jonesboro.”    From the very beginning, Jay and Pam set certain goals for the company.  These goals are:  provide the highest quality care possible while strictly following all state guidelines, nurture and help develop children until they ready for public school.  These founding goals are still the goals of Discovery Island today.   The company today is the largest business of its kind in Northeast Arkansas with more than 60 employees.  Discovery Island is very proud of the contributions it is making to the community and proud of the opportunities it provides for employment

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