At Discovery Island Learning Center, it is our passion to educate young minds and hone their skills to develop during their formative years. We make use of fun, engaging activities that promote a healthy curiosity for their environment and to foster friendship with other kids at the Center. Find out more about us...

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Personally, the hardest part about being a working mother is the guilt that comes with leaving your child in someone else’s care day after day. The best part about Discovery Island is that they erase that guilt. When your child consistently comes home talking about all the fun projects and lessons they do at school, you know that they are in the right place. I know my boys absolutely love Discovery Island and more importantly, I know that the teachers love my children. We tried three childcare centers before finding our “home” at Discovery Island and we have never had any reason to look elsewhere. I would recommend Discovery Island to any parent. We are moving in August and our family will take with us fantastic memories of the last three years at Discovery Island. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Island!!!

Erin Siskey


Zoey is our three year old that currently attends DILC and our six year old, Daly is a proud graduate of the Class of 2006.

Daly started DILC a few months before she turned three in December of 2003. She loved every minute of her time at DILC. She bonded with every single teacher that she had. Discovery Island provides a wonderful, nurturing environment and a curriculum that prepares each child to enter Kindergarten. By the time Daly graduated, she could read very well. I was amazed at the fact that she could read any book that she picked up. She tested on the 3rd grade reading level during her first assessment in Kindergarten and was placed in the Gifted & Talented Program for reading enrichment. We just received her Iowa Test Scores and she scored in the 95th percentile in almost every category. We would like to take all the credit but it is very obvious that her days at Discovery Island played a major role in her success in Kindergarten. It is needless to say that we are very happy that we chose DILC for Daly’s preschool experience. Our only regret was not starting her sooner.

That is the reason that Zoey has been at DILC since 18 months old. She, like her older sister, has loved every minute. We were able to experience the toddler building for the first time. The teachers there are so patient and kind. They provided a structured learning environment that Zoey adapted quickly. She is now in the Preschool building and is still excited about learning. It is so much fun to hear her come home singing the same songs Daly did at her age.

We could go on and on about Discovery Island. We have truly enjoyed the past four years and look forward to the next two. We drive from Trumann every day twice, so that Zoey will receive the same quality education that Daly did. With gas prices as high as they are, we can’t think of a better testimonial. Discovery Island is truly worth it!

Beth and Scott Taylor

Our little boy, Tristan, has been at Discovery Island since the day he turned 18 months old, and now he will start kindergarten in three months. He has had four AMAZING teachers during our four years here, and we will never forget them. Tristan came to Discovery Island with food allergies to peanuts and eggs, and providing a safe environment during meal times was challenging. We became partners with Discovery Island in this endeavor, working with the teachers, the kitchen staff, and the administration. We are happy to say that Tristan has never had an allergic episode at Discovery Island. In addition to providing the safest environment possible, Discovery Island excels in education and fun! From toddler to preschool to pre-kindergarten, Discovery Island’s educational program is excellent. At the toddler stage, the teachers help the children grow into caring and sharing two- and three-year-olds while learning their colors, shapes, ABC’s, etc. The preschool and prekindergarten curriculum is awesome. (Tristan and his classmates are actually reading!) The outdoor playground and the in-room activities are really fun. There are many special events for both parents and kids: an open house in the fall, a Halloween costume party, a Thanksgiving Feast, a Christmas party, a Christmas program put on by the kids, an Easter Egg hunt, Donuts for Dads, Muffins for Mom, etc. This year, they even had a spring prom (very cute!) and will hold a graduation ceremony for the kids that are on their way to kindergarten. Four wonderful years with four amazing teachers – thank you, Discovery Island!

Debbie Ingram and Scott Reeve

There has never been any doubt that our children were progressing intellectually much faster than they would at home with a baby sitter or in an unstructured daycare setting. Our son was already reading and doing 1st grade level work in pre-school with Discovery Island. We had heard however, the myths about pre-school work causing problems once they started school. “He will be bored, he will turn into a discipline problem, etc.”

The truth of the matter is that our son, who is now in kindergarten, is a leader in his class. The work does come a little easier to him because he has seen most of it before. He is not bored however, he is excelling. The other children admire him and the teacher holds him up as an example. His self esteem is through the roof!

The sad truth in our schools is that first impressions tend to follow children throughout their entire school life. Those first impressions are slow to change later. That applies whether you are “labeled” a smart kid or a not so smart kid. Introduction to school work at pre-school level does not hamper a child once they attend school, it is the equivalent of giving them a head start in a race and makes them tougher to catch. For our child it was the difference between being a leader or a follower. My thanks to Discovery Island for making our children leaders!

Chad Dalton

When my son first started at DILC just a few months ago he had never been to any type of daycare facility and could barely spell his name. Now, just a short while later much to my surprise and joy my child is reading! The staff here are all extremely knowledgeable and very nice. My son has truly enjoyed his time at Discovery Island and I have enjoyed meeting so many of their skilled and caring teachers and administrators. I only regret not enrolling my child sooner.

Bambi Islas

Discovery Island has been a blessing for our family. All three of our children have been cared for here from the time they were two years old, until they went to kindergarten. The learning experience and the relationships they have developed with their teachers have been wonderful! Thank you, Discovery Island!

Jeff and Joanna Whitlatch

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