Building 2.jpeg

4 Buildings, 23 Classrooms

Buildings 1 & 2 are used for our toddler & early learner programs. Preschool is located in Building 3 and Pre-K is in Building 4. Each building is protected by a keypad entry system and each child has his or her own unique code. 



2 Playgrounds

Each child will spend nearly two hours per day exploring our safe and exciting playgrounds. Buildings 1 & 2 share a toddler-sized playground with a large shade structure, swings, climbing equipment, slides, and rockers. Buildings 3 & 4 use a large playground, a separate area for smaller gross motor play, a picnic area, and a large concrete slab used for tricycles and special activities. All playgrounds have several inches of pea gravel to minimize injuries from minor falls. 



A typical classroom

Each classroom is set up with the unique needs of the age group in mind. All classrooms are equipped with blocks, fine motor toys, a home living center, dolls, books, and many other developmentally-appropriate toys. Toys are rotated frequently to maintain the children's interest and challenge them to learn each day.


3 lunchrooms

Buildings 1 & 2 each have a full kitchen and designated lunchroom. A large lunchroom is located in Building 4 and is accessed from Building 3 via covered walkway. Children go to the lunchroom for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack daily. Discovery Island is a peanut- and tree-nut free facility.